About Us

Wallgrove homes move forward with a win-win approach. We focus on catering to our customers’ needs and provide them with quality work and service throughout our association. We aim to listen to you, understand you and then deliver what you need.

Our work is proof of our commitment towards our job and we make sure that all our clients are happy with the deliverables. We know how important it is to work in a team, which primarily works as a catalyst as far as efficiency is concerned, and hence we work together in a positive work environment taking regular notes of the satisfaction of our team towards the entire process as well.

Since building and renovating can prove to be an overwhelming process, we at Wallgrove homes make it a point to make every step of the construction process, stress-free for our clients. We coordinate with them regularly and leave no stone unturned to deliver the best in and around your home.

Our Key Services

  • Construction of New Homes/Granny Flats

    At Wallgrove Homes, we build in style, keeping in mind your comfort as well as sustainability of the property. We take pride in what we do and work towards making your home a talk of the town. We primarily go into the details and pay extra heed to generate a sense of satisfaction in you, leaving you happy.

  • House Renovations

    We specialize in building homes which match the latest trends. If you wish to revamp your existing house, you are in the right place. Our team continuously researches about the modern techniques to ensure that our services are upright and unmatched.

  • Redesigning or remodelling of Bathrooms & Kitchens

    Be it modern contemporary, industrial or rustic, we design all sorts of bathrooms and kitchens. Our services are entirely personalized for you to express your interests. Only the best quality materials are used in our projects which makes our work perfect inside & out. Right from refurbishing to structure re-designing, we cater to anything and everything.